A bit about me - contact details


   A rather formal bit about me:


   I come from Brighton, England.


     I spent five years studying Visual art,

   (painting, drawing and sculpture), Music

   and Creative Writing, at Eastbourne

   School of Art and Manchester Metropolitan

    University, resulting in a B.A.Honours

    Degree in Creative Arts. 


      The degree was wide ranging and also

   included the study of: Integrated Arts,

   which took in: Theatre, Dance, and




       I am also a musician and a performing

   singer/song-writer, playing guitar and

   piano.        (See calendar for performance



      Combining my poetry, music and visual

   art, I have produced theater pieces and



      After traveling, studying and working

    in Europe, I moved to Amsterdam,

    where I now live, painting, performing

    and teaching art and guitar and piano.  


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